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Sakonda Incorporated

Sakonda Incorporated is a provider of psychological/psychometric assessment & organisational development services for medico-legal purposes, talent identification, recruitment, assessment, and workforce analytics. Our assessment methodologies are aimed to holistically assess the psychological and work-related functioning and cognitive potential of individuals and teams. We provide psychological services and assessments related to the evaluation of emotional, behavioural and cognitive processes or adjustment of personality of individuals or groups in the workplace or for the purposes of employment and other related purposes.

Our solutions


Our solutions support the development of employees and organisational capabilities while addressing major areas of talent and workforce strategies such as team building, organizational and job structuring, leadership succession, and organizational culture.

Our Commitment

Our commitment and focus is on excellent service offering and continuous innovation engineered to optimise human capital effectiveness, career success, workplace adjustment, employee wellness, and improved organisational performance. 

Scientific evidence show that educational qualifications and work experience are not sufficient indicators of future performance, accordingly more than 40% of employees in the country are placed in positions they are suited for, resulting it maladjustment and organisational failures. With our assessment batteries your are guaranteed a 95% fit or profile accuracy to support human capital decisions.

Sakonda Inc was founded in the Eastern Cape, by young and energetic professionals, with a commitment to human capital development, diversity in the workplace, and the use of assessment to support organisational transformation, effective human capital deployment, performance management, employee wellness and organisational development.

“Love and work are to people what water and sunshine are to plants”

Jonathan Haidt


Archie Sakonda

Archie Sakonda holds a master’s degree in industrial psychology from Nelson Mandela University and is a registered Industrial Psychologist with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA). Mr Sakonda has diverse educational background. Mr Sakonda has a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Fort Hare, an honours degree in Labour Relations and human resources from Nelson Mandela University, a master’s degree in Labour Relations and Human Resources from Nelson Mandela University, he has an Honours degree in Industrial Psychology from the University of South Africa.

His experience span across private entities, non-governmental organisation, and private practice. Mr Sakonda was a provincial manager for Thembalethu Development NPC the Eastern Cape, for a period of seven years, where he worked with more than 78 000 beneficiaries during his tenure, and he has worked with his interest was to support and develop the youth, persons with disabilities and women.


He has worked in large corporates as well as consulting firms.


Archie’s expertise are in career development and support, medico-legal assessment, and training and leadership development.  He has extensive experience in organisational development, career development, compensation and reward, and labours relations management.